Are you addicted to your smartphone? You’re not alone. According to a recent study from ComScore, the average American adult spends more than 4 hours per day on their phone. And given the dynamic nature of managing a commercial property portfolio, property managers spend even more time than the average. 4 hours may seem like a lot, but commercial real estate technology for property management has certainly improved efficiency and communication, saving time for these teams. The key is using the right app for the job at hand. Below are a few of our favorite apps for property managers.

  1. Ask a Lawyer
    Ask a Lawyer is a free and easy to use app that allows you to search for answers to legal questions that don’t require consulting your regular lawyer. We don’t recommend replacing your lawyer with this app, but it’s a helpful alternative when you’re experiencing issues with a tenant or a contractor, and need a quick answer.
    Download: Apple | Google Play
  2. 24Me

    Let’s face it, we could all use a personal assistant, but the reality is that it’s not usually in the budget. That’s where a personal assistant app like 24Me comes into play. It has a smart system for taking notes and creating to-do lists. It generates your daily tasks and events, and completes them for you with a tap of a button. It will also help you remember to respond to emails and texts, send gifts, and more. It’s not a real-life personal assistant, but it’s about as close as most of us will get. 24Me is free to download, but there is also a Pro version available for $3.99/month or $29.99 for the whole year.

    Download: Apple | Google Play

  3. Paper by FiftyThree Inc.

    If you miss the days of writing in a real notebook, this app is for you: Paper. Working from a blank canvas, you can sketch, draw, color, diagram, ideate, write, and more. It’s everything you love about carrying around a notebook, without the environmental impact or the added bulk. You can use it for free with your fingers. But if you are kind of a pencil person, they have it as well on the app, however it costs some money.

    Download: Apple

  4. Bamboo Paper

    For Android users, you can turn your Android into a paper notebook and capture your ideas everywhere, anytime. Take notes, sketch, and draw as if you were using real pen and paper, but with access to share and edit your files from anywhere. 

    Download: Google Play

  5. One Spot

    While it may be your job to keep a finger on the pulse of multiple projects, properties, team members, assets, or facilities, it’s One Spot’s mission to make your life easier. With mobile and desktop access, One Spot lets you work and delegate from anywhere while connecting with your entire team. You’ll be able to manage your operations faster, easier, and smarter—all with one incredible solution.

    Learn more about One Spot.

When it comes to making your life easier, chances are, there’s an app for it. With millions of apps available for iPhone and Android, there's an app for just about everything—from a handy leveling tool to an app that helps you avoid traffic when driving between properties or meetings. Search in the App or Play store anytime you find yourself wondering if there is an easier way to do one of the many varied tasks involved in your job as a property or facilities manager. Likely there’s an app that will make your job easier, faster, or both.

What are your favorite apps? Share in the comments section below.