Refer a Friend and Save

Give 10%—Get 10%

Give your friends 10% off when you invite them to try One Spot. Earn 10% off your renewal once they’ve purchased!

How it works: Every One Spot customer will receive a unique referral code after the initial purchase. You can share this referral code with friends, co-workers, vendors, and anybody else who might have an interest in One Spot.

When one of your referrals purchases One Spot, you will both receive a 10% discount on your renewal for the duration of the time you are customers.


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Will the referral discount apply for future renewals as well?

Yes! As long as your referral continues to renew their subscription with One Spot, you will both continue to receive a discount on all future renewals.

If I refer 10 people and they all purchase One Spot, will I get my subscription for free?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer to One Spot. If you think you can find 10+ people, you should talk to us about becoming an official partner!

I am a property manager using the full functionality of One Spot. Will I still get a 10% discount if I refer a vendor using the assessment tool only?

If you refer somebody to the assessment tool, we will offer a flat-rate discount of $250.  

How do I maximize my referrals?

In addition to submitting referrals via the form at the top of this page or through your One Spot Sales rep, you can also share your referral code via email or on any of your social media channels.