Our Mission: Create Value for our Customers 

One Spot was designed by property managers, for property and facility managers.  Applying a user-centered design approach, we interviewed property and facility management teams for several years, and continue to do so today.  Since 2014, because of this robust user-feedback, our Team was able to then evolve One Spot into a unique SaaS (Software as a Service) based technology that saves our clients time and money, and reduces errors. 

Our Team embraces the philosophy of providing a customer experience that ensures success.  We provide client services such as onboarding and training that creates immediate confidence and comfort.  Through our strong commitment to service and support, we deliver from day one of the client journey.  All in One Spot.   

We realize that technology needs can change, too.  Client needs change.  The property management world changes.   We are committed to innovation.  Our feedback discipline with our users creates a product roadmap that turns ideas and needs into additional value.  Therefore, we help our clients service their very own clients, effectively and efficiently. 

One Spot is the only project management platform built specifically by commercial property managers and owners, and for commercial property managers and owners, ensuring projects are delivered on time, and on budget.

Come join us today – you will experience the change that creates value.


One Spot Team

Keith Pelatowski  CEO

Keith Pelatowski

Ryan O'Rourke  Director of Sales

Ryan O'Rourke
Director of Sales

Vince Sonson  Product Director

Vince Sonson
Product Director

Mike McKinnon  Engineer

Mike McKinnon

Oliver Papp  CTO

Oliver Papp

Steve Bartz  Co-Founder

Steve Bartz

Rich Byrne  Co-Founder

Rich Byrne