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OneSpot Release Notes - December 2018

OneSpot recently released the newest version of the One Spot Web and mobile with the following

reporting improvements:

Point Search reporting enhancements:

  • Point information consolidated to single page

  • Re-sizing of point photos

Layout re-sizing available

Forecast report enhancements

  • Format changes

  • Totaled forecast per property

  • Photo enhancements

Property Inspection report enhancements

  • Latency improvements on custom reports

  • Cover page change

  • Additional configuration options

    • Removal of photos

    • Adding comments

    • Choosing specific information

Web Version UI enhancements

OneSpot Release Notes - August 2018

OneSpot recently released the newest version of the One Spot Web and iOS Apps with the following

reporting improvements:

The 'Point Search Results' Report

●       New detail added to the report:

○       The name of the person that created the point.

○       All the tags associated with the point.

○       To whom the points have been shared via email.

The 'Forecasted Project Spend' Report

●       Has been modified to include:

○       Points that have Target  Completion date within the Budget Period date range

○       Points that have no Target Completion date specified at all.

●       For the Balance computation, both sets of Points are applied against the Property's Budget.


The 'Forecasted Project Spend', 'What Is Active', and 'Point Search Results' reports

●       All have been modified to include current status including “In Bidding.”


Advanced Reporting

●       The “Single Click” reporting option has been simplified and sped up by eliminating the layout confirmation steps, resulting in a true Single Click experience.

●       The point filtering process has been revised both for the “Single Click” reporting and the “Detailed” reporting screens resulting in a dramatically faster user experience.