Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions around using One Spot.

Should I use Wi-Fi or cellular data?
When inside the building it is fine to use Wi-Fi, but we do recommend turning the Wi-Fi off when outside the building to ensure the best coverage.

How secure is the data?
To provide communication security, One Spot uses industry standard TLS1.2 cryptographic protocol with SHA-256.  Automated regular backups of the data provide another layer of data security.  We are committed to total security for our clients and our work with outside firms to continually monitor industry trends and potential threats to our clients.

How does the app affect my battery life?
Like any app the longer the usage, the more battery will be used.  One Spot has a very light footprint.

How much data does One Spot use? 
Data usage will vary depending on the amount of information uploaded to the cloud and downloaded from the cloud. To minimize data usage, One Spot employs compression algorithms to reduce the size of the original image prior to uploading it to the cloud.  

I see a blue dot locating my phone when I am mapping.  Is that tracking my movements?
No it is not. One Spot is simply accessing your phone's GPS in order to show you where you are on a property.

Can I save the data on our company’s server?
One Spot in its basic form is a multi-tenant SaaS platform. However, if for security or compliance reasons a single tenant implementation is required, we can accommodate these needs. This type of implementation approach allows the customer to control the security, reliability, and availability characteristics of the One Spot platform for their individual implementation by controlling the infrastructure that the platform is installed on.

Can a property be shared with my team?
Yes, properties can be shared with other team members by the system administrator using the user/property association features.  Customers can work with their implementation specialist to determine the security roles and access for each team member using One Spot.

Do all of my Vendors have to use One Spot in order to work with me?
No!  While we would love to work with any vendor, we understand that not everybody will use our application.  You are able to send out requests and communicate to vendors outside the app using built-in email functionality.  We also allow vendors to download a version of the app that allows them to use One Spot specifically to respond to our customer’s bid requests.  They will not have additional functionality, but can respond to requests where they are included.

Are there any incentives for referring my vendors or property manager clients to One Spot?
Yes!  We do have referral incentives for any of our customers, as well as a formal partner program for those interested in reseller, or technology partnerships.  Please contact Ryan O’Rourke for additional information.

I would like to create a custom report that is not available; can I do this with your reporting tool?
Yes, we do offer services for customers interested in custom reporting.  

Can I request a new feature for the product?
Yes, we rely on our customers to help drive our technical roadmap.  While we can’t guarantee that all feature requests will be added quickly, we are willing to have a call to discuss new functionality with any of our customers.