One Spot will solve those challenges with ease

Working with project managers on a regular basis, we are well tuned to the challenges they face. It’s one of the reasons why we created One Spot - to help ease frustrations and improve work efficiency. 

Here are the top 3 challenges we hear on a regular basis, and how One Spot can help: 

  1. Unexpected Maintenance
    Repairs are never fun, but emergency repairs are not only typically more stressful, but also more costly. Minimizing unplanned repairs can have a huge impact on the bottom line, and the best way to do that is with a maintenance plan. 

    With the One Spot assessment feature, you will be able to visually track all of your properties and facilities with full maps and layouts. Points of interest, rated by priority will be geo tagged. Knowing what areas are in need of attention first allows you to create a maintenance plan and strategy, along with a more accurate budget that works for you. 
  2. Data Management
    Necessary repairs, cosmetic repairs, projects in process, what vendor is working on what project, change orders, etc. Face it- Project Managers are faced with loads and loads of data to keep track of. With One Spot you no longer have to worry or waste time with things floating all over. Instead, use One Spot to track your properties and facilities, and literally keep it all in One Spot. Now you can have a 360° view of all your properties and manage them inside and out, on your phone or on your desktop. Not only will you be able to manage in real-time all the property repairs by location, bids, expenses, and contractors; but you will be able to verify all the work on multiple properties to your satisfaction from a distance. 
  3. Adapting to Changing Times
    The job roles and duties Project Managers face have certainly evolved over the past several years. Today’s Project Managers find themselves faced with not only collecting rent, and paying bills; but in addition a wealth of additional duties that could include things like coordinating maintenance services, improving the landscaping, gathering renovation bids, hiring and managing staff, and ensuring compliance with government regulations just to name a few. 

    That’s where advances in technology, like One Spot, can really help Project Managers like yourself do your job more efficiently. With One Spot you now can set reminders to avoid warranty lapses and schedule preventative maintenance. Set it and forget it, and stop being blindsided. All comments and pictures are time and geo stamped to ensure 100% accuracy and accountability.  Forget asking who did what, where, why and when! And team communications? Consider them simplified! Add information to a point and alert someone to take action or simply keep them up to date.  Forget emails and keep all your activity in One Spot.

We are confident that One Spot will bring simplicity and ease to your workday.  Stop wasting time on tracking down the details. Store them in One Spot, and spend your time and energy focusing on your tenants and staff, where you really can impact your bottom line. 

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