With One Spot, your workday is about to get a whole lot more efficient 

Have you heard? One Spot is the newest property and facility management software taking over the market, and we are confident your work-life is about to change for the better

Do you find yourself struggling to juggle the management of all the property repairs by location, bids, expenses, contractors?

Is the task of verifying all the work on multiple properties at once giving you a headache and pulling you from where you need to be?

What if we told you, you could easily manage everything in real-time and without having to actually be at those properties? Sounds pretty intriguing doesn’t it?

That is where One Spot comes in. With ONE Spot you can save time in the field with quick and easy reporting, and by managing all of your projects in One Spot using our mobile and online platform. Saving time is just ONE of the many, many benefits.

Here are the top 9 reasons you simply can’t afford to go one more day without One Spot:

9. Project Status
All projects are organized in one convenient spot with real time status. No more tracking down notes and emails filled with details in various locations. 

8. Contractor Status
Real-time status of which contractors are working on the various projects. No more confusion about which contractor is tackling what.

7. Geo Tagged Points
View geo location information for various projects on your property and facility, which will eliminate confusion and miscommunication and help prioritize tasks.

6. Repair Verification
Minimize fraud by having active oversight on project completion, and audit each project to your satisfaction. 

5. Documented Workflows
Open lines of workflow activity on all projects help avoid confusion and keep you from getting blindsided. 

4. Real Time Change Orders & Communications
Push notifications for real-time manager-to-vendor interaction allow for less on-site visits and reduction in vendor mobilization costs. 

3. Quick and Easy Reporting
Know the status of your projects and assets quickly with ease, and be able to quickly communicate those with your team. 

2. Faster and Easier Budgeting and Bidding
Forecast across all of your assets and projects with built-in vendor communication for better and more reliable predictability. 

And the #1 Reason: 

1. Manage your projects inside and out
Have a 360° viewpoint of all your properties, on your phone, at your desk - all in One Spot.

One Spot truly is the tool you have been looking for when it comes to making your workday as efficient as possible. And as an added benefit, we’re not trying to unseat your legacy system. One Spot simply compliments and makes your existing systems more efficient.

Don’t just take our word for it - check out what those who have already implemented One Spot into their organizations have to say and then contact us today to get started with a free demo.