PROPERTY MANAGement software - tenant issue tracking

Choosing the right property management software is an important task with financial implications, even more so when needing a tenant issue tracking app portal included.  When looking at property management tenant issue tracking software in the market, we began to see an opportunity to modernize and standardize. 

Is there an all-in-one best property management tenant issue tracking app?  We couldn’t find one so we started building the best tool that will close the gaps.


We at One Spot decided to listen to the property manager to understand their needs.  We built an innovative tool to help with day to day operations of tenant issue tracking via an app and desktop software.

Here is a quick scenario on how it works:

  • The tenant identifies an issue to communicate to the property manager for repair.
  • Tenant then accesses the “issue submission” form on the web and submits.
  • Tenant receives confirmation of request submission.
  •  Tenant receives “read receipt” via email when the property manager opens the issue.
  • Tenant finally receives email notifications of status change.

As you can see, One Spot with the tenant portal will be both life-simplifying and beneficial to the property manager and tenant. No more long phone calls.

Here are some major features we are hearing from our peers in the property management world that would not only be beneficial, but necessary with a tenant portal.

  • Quick access for tenants to communicate issues to property management without getting voicemail or no answer.

Its reality and things do get missed. For the most part these are not intentional acts but rather a byproduct of our busy lives. This is especially the case when voicemail is left and notes for call back are taken. Let us take the worry out of it – having your tenants submit and easy web form that goes direct to the One Spot software will eliminate requests being missed. However, we do understand that you will always have those few tenants who will continue to call their issues in.

  • Concise online submission form that provides all necessary information, without overwhelming the tenant.

We all use emails, phone calls, texts, face to face meetings and social networks to communicate with our peers and clients.  With all of these forms of communication, even we at One Spot get confused or have a hard time organizing everything in a place where we need it most. With One Spot property management software your tenants will be able to communicate effectively though the portal; getting you the pertinent information without excessive detail. We’ve all been there - someone starts talking about an issue and it goes on and on, yet only 5% of what was spoken is needed.  We are confident that One Spot will bring simplicity and ease to your workday, saving both you and your tenant time.

  • Ability to push tenant requests to maintenance/vendor.

Once you receive a tenant issue, you will inevitably have to contact somebody else to resolve the matter. With One Spot you can either push the job to someone on your team that also has the app or email an external vendor the job. The great benefit of One Spot is that you can have your trusted vendors download the app so everything can be done in it, visible and manageable to all.

  •  An emergency contact number for those issues that absolutely cannot wait.

For those true emergencies that needs immediate attention, we will put your emergency contact phone number right on the submission form. We know you don’t want a tenant submitting an electronic form for a water pipe break at 9pm that will not be seen till morning.

  • Required fields on tenant portal.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting an incomplete form. One Spot will require that certain fields must be entered so that your maintenance team can go into the situation with full awareness.              


See if One Spot is the right fit for you.