property management Project reporting app & software

Managing projects can be a large task.  Keeping track of all different reports you need can be an even larger task.  Finding a property management project reporting app/software can enhance how you do business and allow you quick high level or methodically determined detailed access into your project portfolio.  There are a number of steps along the way in the project construction process that you are going to want to access – possibly frequently and with ease.

  • Scope of the project
  • Bid status – open or received
  • Bid / project amount
  • Who the project was awarded to
  • Project status
  • Punch list items

In addition to the items above you may also want to track things such as:

  • Individual line item amounts
  • Measurements
  • Time

One Spot has developed an easy to use property management project reporting app/software that will allow you to quickly see project insights or run more detailed reports to share with management or ownership.

  • Project Scope

Using our interactive mapping system you get an immediate sense of where repairs are located on your property.  Whether indoors or out, One Spot will allow users to assess anything/everything they need in order see the full scope of any project.

  • Bid Status

Keep track of all the bids you have out to multiple contractors to ensure everyone is bidding on the same scope and you are getting the most bang for your buck.

  • Bid/Project Amount

 Via One Spot’s desktop platform users can create reports ranging from project totals to budget assessments.  Reports can be stored in the properties virtual file cabinet for easy access at anytime from anywhere.

  • Project Award/Status

 By viewing the job list users can quickly see the following information

o   Project name

o   Project assigned to

o   Project status

  • Punchlist Report

Using our unique Geo-tagging allows everyone to know exactly where punch list items are located ensure 100% accuracy and accountability.

o   Users have the ability to create unlimited punch list assessments to access at any time.

For users looking to get a more detailed point by point insight or report, One Spot allows you to make customized assessments using geo-tagged photos and comments, accurate maps and image layouts, property tracking, reminder settings, integrated team communication, custom point lists, and access to your digital file cabinet.

 Individual Line Items

  •   One Spots reporting portal allows users to run point by point reports to view detailed line item pricing.
  •   One Spot’s detailed summary page in the app also allows user to quickly view individual point pricing.

Measurements and Time

  • Again using the detailed summary page, users can enter in measurements and track time for each point associated with a particular project.

Another win for One Spot!

During spring 2017, a leading asphalt contractor located in Minnesota was awarded a site inspection project by Menards.  Their job was to visit 80 sites and assess the asphalt and concrete repairs needed for that season.  Menards wanted detailed reports that listed each defect and associated costs.

In the past these assessments were conducted using a camera, paper and pencil.  After hours on the sites collecting data, the contractor would have to some back to the office, download everything to their computer and manually create a proposed project report.

Once they were introduced to One Spot life became much easier.  Using the easy mobile platform they were able to collect all the information in the field with just their phone. No more paper and pencil.  They were able to add service line items, amounts and measurements.  No more wasted effort keeping all that information organized in the field. 

Finally they were able to get back to the office and within minutes have a detailed, professional report to share with Menards to assist in the project scope moving forward.  They saved many hours using the property management project reporting app/software.

The contractor was able to get more work done more efficiently and in the end were awarded over $2 million in work from Menards.  The One Spot property management project reporting app/software was a win for both sides and will be utilized on the 2018 round of project report assessments.

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