property management maintenance app & software

Choosing the right property management maintenance App/Software can often be a troubling task with hundreds of products on the market place today. When our team started to take a look into the different types of property and project management maintenance app/software in the market, we started to find several gaps.

The question that we ended up frequently asking ourselves was: is there one property management maintenance app/software that includes everything we are looking for? In the end, we could not find one, so we started to create our own.

One of the most important things that we value here at One Spot is what the property manager needs to make their job easier and to save money. We take careful consideration into what the property manager wants in a property management maintenance app/software, instead of building functions and features that, more than likely, will not be very useful. The feedback that we heard included the fact that Yardi and other industry leaders are great at running financials that help your business but they lacked any tool that would help with day-to-day operations.

Listed below are three of the most important features that we have heard that lack in existence in the property management and maintenance world:

1.      Data management due to employee or building turnover.

It’s a fact of life that people move to new careers or advance within the business. In many cases, the statuses and information connected to necessary repairs, cosmetic repairs, projects in process, what vendor is working on what project, change orders, etc. get lost throughout the transitions. Face it- property managers are faced with loads and loads of data to keep track of and the best property management maintenance app/software should keep track of all that information for you. With One Spot, you no longer have to worry or waste time with things floating all over. Instead, use One Spot to track your properties, and literally keep it all in One Spot. Now you can have a 360 view of all your properties and manage them inside and out, on your phone or on your desktop.

2.      Communication between team members.

We all use emails, phone calls, texts, face to face meetings and social networks to communicate with our coworkers. With all of these forms of communication, even here at One Spot, there is a lot of confusion and difficulty organizing events and meetings all in one place. With One Spot property maintenance app/software someone can add information to a point and alert another person that they have a job that needs to be completed, or simply keep them up to date on what is happening at the property. Stop wasting time sifting through old emails, texts, voicemails, or random documents and keep all of your activity organized within One Spot. We are very confident that One Spot will bring simplicity and ease to your workday. By implement One Spot, you will be able to focus more of your time and energy focusing on your tenants and staff, where you can really impact your bottom line.

3.      Clear understanding of work scope to and from vendors or maintenance technicians.

Sometimes, everything happens so fast that some things get missed or skipped over. For the most part, these are not intentional acts, but rather a byproduct of our busy lives. When managing work orders, jobs, technicians and vendors, One Spot allows you to visually track properties. You’ll also be able to assign jobs, approve change orders, request bids from multiple contractors, verify progress, and convert bids to jobs. Your team will benefit from access to geo-tagged photos and comments, maps and image layouts, property tracking, reminders, custom points lists, digital file cabinets, and flexible reporting. So, while it may be your job to keep a finger on the pulse of multiple projects, properties, team members, or assets, it’s One Spot's mission to make your job easier. With mobile and desktop access, One Spot lets you work and delegate from anywhere while connecting with your entire eco-system. You’ll be able to manage your operations faster, easier, and smarter- all with the best property management software tools in today’s market.


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