Your Work Order System’s Best Friend


Assessment Feature

For managed and non-managed properties and facilities, One Spot allows you to make customized assessments using geo-tagged photos and comments, accurate maps and image layouts, property tracking, reminder settings, integrated team communication, custom point lists, and access to your digital file cabinet.

Jobs Feature

You’ll be able to assign jobs, approve change orders, request bids from multiple contractors, verify progress, and convert bids to jobs.

Your team will benefit from access to geo-tagged photos and comments, maps and image layouts, property tracking, reminders, custom point lists, digital file cabinets, and flexible reporting.

Bids Feature

You and your team will also be able to pull data from your digital cloud-based file cabinet no matter where you are. Numbers, deadlines, estimates, vendors, layouts, and workflows all become streamlined in One Spot.

Vendor Communication Feature

Communicating with various vendors doesn’t have to be time consuming! One Spot’s external email sharing functionality allows you to communicate important information from your One Spot portfolio, to any and all internal and external team members, via email.



Tenant Communication Portal

With One Spot’s easy to use and intuitive tenant communication portal, you now have a streamlined system for receiving request from tenants. Tenants simply submit a request for service; and property managers receive the request with photos and commentary. Jobs are then automatically created within One Spot specific to the point on the property without any extra paperwork. As work is completed, One Spot sends automated notifications to tenants with status updates, progress tracking, and completion of work, in real-time.